Douglas Prince

Douglas Prince is a modern figurative, alla prima painter and artist. Born and raised in Michigan, Douglas, an autodidact, spent his early career creating advertising and digital art for games/entertainment and VR, yet he never strayed from his true passion – painting.

“Art is my passion; I love different mediums, themes, tools and techniques. The fates have deemed me an explorer. I am a wanderer, fascinated with each step of this mysterious journey. Come on, Ajax, we are probably late”

Born: Flint, Michigan.

Working for 20 years in commercial art, primarily entertainment and games/VR, Douglas has contributed to projects in multiple studios in North and South America and Europe. He now lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany, not too far from where his great, great Grandfather, Authur Hutschenreuther was a painter last century.

“Whatever compels my passions is an enigma. As a child my motivation was to draw as well as my cousin. In my travels, I’ve realized that creative works are broadly a result of time and place.” 

Russian philosopher and literary critic, Mikhail Bakhtin, used the word, Chronotope to describe configurations of time and space represented in language and discourse.

“This inescapable providence influences creators more than we would wish to admit. With this fate in mind, my goal is not focused on paths outside of these trappings but to acknowledge them. I’m interested in exploring ideas and icons that time forges into themes. My compulsions are but a ghost to me, to paraphrased Socrates, “I know that I know nothing.”



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